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The Cornell University Tri-Delta sorority house is located at 118 Triphammer Road in Ithaca, New York. We’ve been in this house on the north side of the campus since the 1980’s. You can see photos of the interior of the house below. As mentioned in our newsletters, with your help the House Corporation has completed many renovation projects over the years. Last summer we tackled the problem of  water leaking into the basement and chapter room. Future projects include renovating the living room and the kitchen and replacing windows around the house! Please get in touch with us if you are interested in serving on the Property Committee and helping with these projects. Thanks to your donations these renovations are possible!

Living Room Redecoration

New Landscaping


The beloved piano in the living room was refinished in summer 2015 and has been restored to its former glory by craftsman Peter Walz, PT Walz Fine Woodworking!



We’ve been refinishing the beautiful Stickley desks and dressers in the bedrooms a little every summer. After being restored they’re fitted with a piece of glass to protect the top surface.



Dining Room

Below are pictures of our current dining room.  The floors were refinished in Summer 2011, it was painted in Summer 2014, the tables were replaced and the chairs were refinished and LED lighting was installed in Summer 2015.


Sprinkler System

July 2012, the sorority house got sprinklers on each floor.

Tour Around the House

Around 2012-2013